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        Botswana·Bo-Hua Enterpries Co.,Ltd.


        Company Profile

        BOHUA (PTY) LTD. is based in Republic of Botswana -- one of the rapid economic developing and better financial situation countries in Africa. The national territory area is around 580,000km2 and desert covers most of its land surface. It has a population of more than 2 millions . In this tropical, arid and steppe climate, the major industries are diamond, graziery and emerging manufacturing. While, the official language of Botswana is English.

        BOHUA (PTY) LTD., with a occupied area of 11800m2, was established in 1990s and located in the capital of Botswana--Gaborone. The company, which is engaged in building construction and achieved the highest qualification grade(E grade) for civil contractors in 2004, is competent to undertake housing construction, municipal construction, road, port and other constructions.

        BO-HUA has undertaken numbers of significant projects and landmarking-buildings, such as GH Group building(in 2008, the highest office building in Botswana), Office building of Attorney General’s Chambers( in 2010), 108 units of High-grade Housing Project(in 2011), Multi-function Building BOTHO University(in 2014) and etc.


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