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        Seychelles·Sai-Fu Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


        Company Profile

        SAI-FU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is based in Republic of Seychelles -- East of Indian Ocean. This archipelago country consists of 115 islands, with an oceanside area of 400,000km2 and exclusive ocean economic zone of 1.4million km2. Seychelles, whose economy is led mainly by tourism and fishing, has a population of around 90,900. English, French and Creole constitute the country's official languages.

        The predecessor of the SAI-FU is Hubei branch office of C.S.C.E.C, which commenced business in 1987 and rebranded into SAI-FU ENTERPRISE CO,. LTD in 2012. The company becomes one engineering construction corporation honored with the highest qualification grade here in Seychelles, which is competent to undertake housing construction, municipal construction, road, port and other constructions.

        For decades, SAI-FU has undertaken numbers of significant projects and landmarking-buildings, such as PUC Electricity Office building, East-coast Secondary school, Anse Bioleau Primary & Middle school, National Apartments for Foreign Experts at Fisherman’s Cove, Capital City Center, Extension of Mont Fleuri Primary & Secondary school, National Institute of Education, Port Glaud Primary School & Creche, Bel Ombre Primary School & Creche, Community Center of Glacis, Maritime Training Centre, 36 units of Housing Project and etc.


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